Coachman Clothiers is the premier high quality men’s clothing store in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Our professional staff is passionate about style and provides our customers with over 50 years of men’s clothing expertise. We offer the finest men’s clothing, shoes, and accessories that complement you and your professional career. Our reputation and business is built on customer referrals and patrons who continue to return. Coachman Clothiers, the most progressive haberdashery in Knoxville is located in Franklin Square off of Kingston Pike.

We Offer:

• Custom Clothing
• High quality brands
• Exclusive brands
• Complimentary basic alterations for the life of your garment
• Complementary gift wrapping
• Gift Cards
• Free Ground Shipping (UPS, Fedex, USPS) on purchases in the continental U.S.

Is this your first time shopping for fine men’s clothing?  We want to help.

Follow some of our timeless tips so you know what you need and what to wear.

How to Dress for Success

Men’s clothing has changed dramatically over the past 4 years. However, below are some very safe, basic rules you can follow.


• The fit is the most important detail of the suit.
• Have your garments altered by a professional Master Tailor.
• Build your suit wardrobe from basics to fancies.
• Own a solid charcoal suit first, followed by a navy. These two suits will get you through almost any situation.
• Stay with a current style of suit – 2 button, side vent, flat front trousers.
• Cotton and Linen suits should only be worn from Easter to Labor Day.
• Flannel and heavier wool suits should only be worn after Labor Day until the middle of March.
• Do not over dry clean your suits and other wool goods. Dry cleaning will break down the fabrics over time.
• A good rule of thumb is to dry clean your suits and wool goods once per season, unless there is a stain.

Sport Coat

• Every man and boy should own a Navy Blazer. Other than a charcoal suit, this item is a must in your wardrobe. As your wardrobe expands, you should add a black and a charcoal blazer.
• When wearing a navy or black blazer, never wear matching color trousers.
• A navy sport coat is a traditional outfit and tends to be dressier than patterned sport coats.
• Once you have the basics covered with blazers, one should expand into seasonal sport coats. You will want to have a linen or cotton blend sport coat for the spring and summer season and a heavier wool, cashmere or flannel for the fall season.

Dress Shirts

Old Rule of thumb:
Wear a spread collar with only a suit and a button-down with a sport coat or without a jacket.

New Rule of thumb:
Wear spread collar with either outfit.

Invest in a wide selection of dress shirts. Have your basic whites and blues, but also invest in patterns, stripes and outside the box shirts. You will get a lot more out of your wardrobe with a greater selection.


• The metal on watch, ring, and belt buckle should match.
• Always match the color of shoes with your belt.
• Always keep your shoes polished.
• For a more traditional look, wear a white linen or cotton pocket square in your suits or navy blazer.
• When choosing a pocket square, a good rule of thumb is:
-If your jacket is louder, choose a basic plain square.
-If your jacket is plain, choose a louder square.
• You don’t always have to use your dress shirts as dress shirts. Take a dressy shirt and pair it with a jean and a sport coat to create a more casual look.

If you still need help, come into our location at Franklin Square in Knoxville, TN where Bryce, Jeffrey, and Todd can help you find the items that are perfect for you today!